How Sound Therapy Addresses Blood Pressure?

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The sound healing solution

Our experts heal blood pressure problems based on pre-diagnosis and combination of techniques mentioned below:

  • Brain wave
  • Hand & foot reflexology
  • Root Chakra healing

Sessions: 12 to 15 sessions advised.

Note: The line of treatment and no. of sessions are based on pre-consultation. Book a Free Consultation Today.

Sound Healing Can Help Address Ailement Like

  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Weakness in Arms and Legs
  • Artery damage and narrowing

What Does Research Show?

Heart disease, cholesterol and high blood pressure ease out as SOUND Meditation evokes 'relaxation response', (the opposite of 'stress response'), lowering heart rate and boosting the immune system.


The mind gets highly relaxed and is able to handle various day to day problems like stress, anger, frustration, etc in a better way. Read More


"Such an excellent experience healing on all levels! Also, they have different techniques for relaxation or release from emotional, physical or mental pain.Will definitely visit often! Must try for all." Mrudul Nilangekar
"Sound Healing is just what i call miracle...everyone should go and visit the place once...and i guarntee u will be a permanent member." SAMRAT JADHAV
"I was introduced to you thru a friend and got my mother and mother in law for knee pain relief treatment." CHITRA ABHYANKAR
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DISCLAIMER: Results of our healing may vary from person to person. What might work one person may not necessarily work for another.We do not advocate any advice given or use of products on this website as a substitute for conventional medicine or advice. If you are ill, please see your doctor for advice and medication. View the disclaimer here.

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