Our Clients Say

Ms.Mrudul Nilangekar

“Such an excellent opportunity to experience healing on all levels! Also, they have many different techniques within the sound healing system for different things - like relaxation or release from emotional, physical or mental pain. Will definitely visit often! Must try for all!”

Mr.Samrat Jadhav

“Sound Healing is just what i call miracle...everyone should go and visit the place once...and iguarntee u will be a permanent member...u feel relaxed...!”


“My sound healing sessions were an amazing experiences, I came in without expecting anything and received so much more than you can ask for from a healing session. It gave me a deeper understanding about life and myself. Just want to thank you so much for the amazing and unique experiences I had at sound healing.”

Mrs.Radhika Jadhav

“Just want to thank you so much for the amazing and unique experiences I had at sound healing sessions with you. Your healing sessions are most rewarding and deep moments I have had in my life. After the sound therapy I feel calmer. I have found a different kind peace. As for my elbow and knee pain, it has reduced a lot after the I have started taking sound healing treatment. Thanks for the marvelous sound healing sessions, I feel like rejuvenated and refreshed.” My quality of life has improved a lot. I have told countless people about what for me seems to be a miraculous treatment for pain.”

Mrs.Chitra Abhyankar

“I was introduced to you thru a friend and got my mother and mother in law for knee pain relief treatment. While listening to the logic of the treatment I realized that though I don't have any known physical/ mental ailments but in the course of reaching the milestone of 40's I must have few disorders in the natural body functioning process. I started with a therapy for myself for two weeks and I m happy with the results. Both my mothers are better but I m best with myself . Thank you for reinforcing my belief in the mother Nature.”

Video Testimonials

Sound Healing For Shoulder, Ligament And Joint Problems
Sound Healing For Past Trauma Relief
Sound Healing For Stress Management
Sound Healing For Menstrual Problems
Sound Healing For Joint And Muscle Pain Problem
Sound Healing For Chakra Balancing


At Sound Healing Clinic, we aim of healing mind, body and soul for professionals. We bring a wide range of treatments that are based on Sound Healing Therapy and help your employees bring a lot of relief to their day to day health problems, increase productivity thus improve business bottomline.

For more information write to us info@soundhealingclinic.com OR Call: +917507778650

Meet Our Sound Therapists

Mr. Sunil Karve

International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH) Certified Sound Healing Therapist

A commercial artist by profession, he was interested in spiritual world since childhood. He started with handwriting analysis besides meditation in Srividya and Shambhavi Vidya. Later he started learning and practicing sound healing therapy. Over the years he has healed numerous patients using Sound Therapy successfully. He envisions a healed society and thus helps create new healers through his sound healing academy.

Mr. Swapnil Gaikwad

International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH) Certified Sound Healing Therapist

Our young sound healing therapist who, at very young age generated interest in the spiritual field. He has been practicing as a professional in this field for the past 3 years. He has learned sound healing therapy from the globally regonised experts.Along with sound healing he practices Reiki, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui and Face reading.

786/1, B-3, Dr. Herekar Park, Rajyog Bldg, Opp Kamla Nehru Park, Above Just Casual, Off Bhandarkar Rd, Pune - 411004.

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